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Welcome to Auto-nomics

Welcome to Auto-nomics, the Fuel Injection Resources website.

In these pages you will find information about AirSensors, F.I.R.S.T., Superjection, GM and MegaSquirt Electronic Fuel Injection systems. Whether you are a user of any of these products, or a do-it-yourself type (DIY-EFI), you should find something useful here. Though started as a place to present information and replacement parts for AirSensors EFI, you will encounter answers to Frequently Asked Questions and find parts that may be adaptable to many other fuel injection installations. Feel free to browse through our pages and download information that you can use.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome. Having AirSensors hardware installed in your vehicle qualifies it to be featured with the User's Group, so please contact us regarding photos of your "ride".

Thank you for stopping by, and please return often.

- Bruce Johnson

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