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B&M Superjection

Sicuranza Family - 1980 Corvette
Sicuranza 1980 Corvette, perspectiveSicuranza 1980 Corvette, profileSicuranza 1980 Corvette, engine This 1980 Corvette was built by the Sicuranza family at This car is a great example of the Superjection system. Videos of this car are available at YouTube.

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Bragi Blumenstein - Ford Bronco
Bragi Blumenstein Bronco Bragi Blumenstein of Iceland owns this '81 full-sized Bronco.
Bragi Blumenstein Bronco, family The engine is a Ford 6 cyl 300 CID. with Digital Singlepoint Throttle Body, turbocharger intercooler and MSD System 6400. He says the truck is only used as a snow vehicle for driving up to the mountains.
Carl Jantz - Jeep
Carl Jantz Jeep in the mud Carl Jantz drives his highly versatile competition Jeep over every conceivable race terrain, usually taking 1st Place in the event. He has won awards in Mud-Bogging, Rock-Crawling, Snow and Sand. The Flat Fendered CJ is powered by a 400 CID Chevy Small Block with Analog Single Point Throttle Body EFI. Contact Jantz Engineering at Jantz 4x4 for good information about heavy duty Jeep parts.
Carl Jantz in the snow
Wes Archer - Dodge Truck
Wes Archer's Superjection Wes Archer uses this '86 Dodge 1-ton pick-up mostly for snow-plowing. It must not be a thing of beauty because we didn't get a photo of the truck. But it's the Superjection EFI that interests us. He said it's very reliable on the 360 CID and gets the job done!
Wes Archer's Superjection
Bill Ruff Teel - Jeep CJ7
Bill Ruff Teel's jeep Bill Ruff Teel is the proud owner of this beautiful Jeep CJ7. It has the 258 cid straight six with AirSensors Digital EFI as marketed by Clifford Performance Products.
Bill's Jeep Clifford 4

Daily Driver

Brant Jackson - 1972 Cheyenne
Truck "Bruce,

You said when I finished the install and got some more pictures of the engine bay to shoot them to you and you would put my truck up in the Daily Driver section. Well here it is. 1972 Cheyenne with a mostly stock matching numbers 350, m20 4speed and 373's. AIRsensors throttle body setup with the digital ecu and 4" maf (the same one you sent me after I fat fingered mine. Thanks again) and a SN93 paxton supercharger. Fun fun fun! Not bad for a work truck! Thanks for the great support and service, Bruce.

-Brant Jackson.
Jackson Auto Wire Service. Boise, Idaho. (208)447-9631."
Under hood
Under hood
Under hood

Sports Car

Frank Genco - Jaguar XK-E
The Frank Genco Jaguar XK-E has a Chevy small block also, with a stock Chevy Tuned Port, being controlled by an F.I.R.S.T. DECU and other components. Frank Genco's Jaguar XK-E
The Frank Genco Jaguar XK-E has a Chevy small block also, with a stock Chevy Tuned Port, being controlled by an F.I.R.S.T. DECU and other components. Frank's Jaguar has a Chevy small block with a stock Chevy Tuned Port, being controlled by a F.I.R.S.T. DECU and other components.
Arnie - Corvette
Arnie's Corvette Arnie's flawless '67 Corvette has all the goodies, including a F.I.R.S.T. Tuned Port system set up for side-feed intake.

He says that "nothing but the best went into this project". The engine is a professionally built 406 cid smallblock with aluminum Brodix heads, roller rockers, and a long list of other high performance parts. The 4-speed transmission, side pipes, tinted glass and mag wheels are factory original. He still has all of the other factory original parts including the 350 hp 327.
Arnie's Corvette

Performance: Race cars

Jaime Cordell - Chevy Nova
Jaime Cordell's Nova This beautiful '64 Chevy Nova is the pride of owner, driver and mechanic Jaime Cordell. The .030" over 350 cid smallblock has AirSensors Digital Multipoint Fuel Injection that is running Ethanol. Information about the other parts of the engine has not been revealed, but everything works well enough together to consistently turn mile times in the 10.6 seconds range! That's good enough to let Jaime take home the trophy at the end of most racing nights.
Jaime's intake

Street Rods & Customs

Mel Hayes - '34 Ford
Mel Hayes' 34 Ford engineMel Hayes' 34 Ford engine Mel Hayes' 34 Ford
His engine is a small block Chevy with F.I.R.S.T. Tuned Port Injection system, set up for side-feed throttle body.
Ingo - '39 Ford Coupe
'39 Ford Coupe This award-winning '39 Ford Coupe is owned by Ingo of Kusterdingen, Germany. It has a 350 CID Chevy Small Block with a FIRST TPI system.
'39 Ford Coupe Engine

Motor Homes

Jim Maher - GMC Eleganza
Jim Maher's GMC Eleganza This classic 1977 GMC Eleganza is owned by Jim Maher. It has a front-wheel-drive Oldsmobile 403 cid with AirSensors Digital EFI. The Edelbrock Performer manifold was modified for multi-port injection and uses the 4-barrel throttle body as an air gate. Jim did the conversion himself, creating the cleanest installation we have seen on a motor home.

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